Friday, 17 September 2010

Lee Haney Mr Olympia Workout

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8 Time Mr Olympia Lee Haney's Mr Olympia Workout.

One of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Lee Haney was the first man to win eight Mr. Olympia titles -- and he won them consecutively, beating Arnold Schwarzenneger's seven-title record.

This gem of bodybuilding philosophy is a must see! Lee Haney trancends any preconceived notions you may have about bodybuilding or even about life in general.

regardless of whether or not you bodybuild, this video is highly entertaining. Lee Haney is a character, his energy and exuberance will motivate you to do whatever your goals may be. Lee's knowledge is universal, he may be describing the proper technique for doing squats and it will sound like he's counseling you about just about anything. "the mind has got to connect with the muscle, 'cause one without the other equals zero!" this quote stands out in my memory and exemplifies Lee's insight into life in general, because in any activity it is important to stay conscious.

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