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Dennis James Back to Basics 2

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BACK TO BASICS 2 - Dennis James -  Road to the Olympia

4 days 15 workouts 1 days rest - the life of a professional bodybuilder - Maximum Intensity special exercises - Mr Olympia 2004 the show begins

Experience true Hardcore Bodybuilding! See Dennis James at 272 lbs 2 1/2 weeks out of the Mr. Olympia 2004 in his freakiest condition ever. A real shocker. You got to sit down and fasten your seat belt to get through this DVD! 165 minutes hardcore training at Gold's Gym/Venice Beach, nutrition info, backstage at the Olympia, pump-up room, photoshooting... A MUST SEE for every serious bodybuilder and strength athlete!

Workout 1 - CHEST

* Incline Press Hammer Machine
* Incline Press Smith Machine
* Incline Lockouts Smith Machine
* Decline Press, Hammer Machine
* Flyes Machine

Workout 2 - BICEPS

* Scott Curl Machine
* Dumbbell Curl
* EZ-Barbell Curl

Workout 3 - QUADS

* Leg Extension
* Superset (S-Set) Leg Press + Walking Lunges
* Reverse Hack Squats
* S-Set Front Squat Mach. + Hack Squat Mach.
* Leg Press
* Leg Extension


* Seated Leg Curl
* Good Mornings Hack Squat Machine
* Lying Leg Curl
* Standing Single Leg Curl
* Seated Calf Raise

Workout 5 - BACK

* Dumbbell Rows
* Reverse Pulldown, Hammer Machine
* Seated Rows, Machine
* Dumbbell One Arm Rear Lateral
* Seated Cable Rows, V-Grip

Workout 6 - SHOULDERS

* Dumbbbell Side Lateral
* Front Press, Smith Machine
* Front Press Lockouts, Smith Machine
* Upright Rows, Barbell
* Shoulder Press, Hammer Machine

Workout 7 - TRICEPS

* Cable Pushdown
* EZ-Barbell Extension
* One-Arm Cable Pushdown


* Diet & Nutrition
* Team Dennis
* Mr. Olympia 2004

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