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The Navy Seals Workout - Stay Strong Rucksack Running

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The Navy Seals Workout : STAY STRONG The Rucksack Run

The Navy Seals Workout Series
Workout Video 4 Stay Strong - The Rucksack Run Exercise, Build Strength and Endurance Rucksack Running Exercise.

Do you want to be in better shape than your opponents? Do you want to make it to the finish line first?
Then learn how the Navy Seals stay strong. Build up Strength and Endurance with the Rucksack Run..

Navy Seals Workout Strength Training

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The Navy Seals Workout : Strength Training Raw Power

The Navy Seals Workout Series
Workout Video 5 Strength Training Raw Power - Simple exercises to increase your pure strength.. Squats, Shoulder Press and Deadlift workout.

Digging down deep and tapping into Raw Power is what Navy Seals are often called to do. Strength Training Raw Power..
3 Simple exercises that when combined will give you Total Body Strength. 3 Simple Lifts that increase your pure strength!



For each exercise do 5 repetitions X 5 Sets,
 with 3-5 minutes rest between sets.
Increase weight after each set.

The Navy Seals Workout Basic Training

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The Navy Seals Workout : Basic Training 101

The Navy Seals Workout Series
Workout Video 3 Basic Training 101 - Basic Training Exercises, Rope Climbing, Air Squats, Pushups workout

While Navy Seals use some of the most advanced weapons systems around, they rely on something as simple as a rope to get them to where they need to go. This basic training workout uses ropes along with squats and pushups for a challanging combination of moves.

The Workout

Rope Climb ( or 15 Pull Ups )
30 Pushups
50 Air Squats

this is one round, to complete this workout..
Complete 5 rounds, keep track of your time.

The Goal: Do all 5 rounds as quickly as you can.

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Navy Seals Workout Core Strength

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The Navy Seals Workout Series
Workout Video 2 Core Advantage - Strength Training, Core Strength Training Exercises
The average Navy Seal carries gear weighing up to 75 pounds.
Man down? Add another 180 pounds.Now climb over a ten foot wall.
So strength is critical to success, particularly Core Strength.

Core Strength is an integral part of sports, whatever sport you play your strength comes from your core.
Intense Core Strength Training routine.
5 Overhead Squats
10 Glute / Hams Situps
10 Glute Ham Back Extensions

As many sets as you can do in 20 Minutes
Take your workout to the next level.

The Navy Seals Workout Speed Endurance

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The Navy Seals Workout Series
Workout Video 1 The Need for Speed - Speed and Endurance Training Exercises

The Navy SEALs workout will improve your speed, endurance and agility with any sport you're playing. No matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, Take your workout to the next level. 

Speed Work - An Intense Cardiovascular Workout This will be done in two ways.. Swimming and Running
The Workout
The Pool 10 x 25 meter Freestyle Sprints
The Berm Sprint - 10 x berm sprints with 1 minute rests.

The Navy Seals Workout Training

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The Navy Seals Calisthenics Workout

This Video Presents a full length calisthenics workout led by Navy Seals Instructors.

The Navy Seals are trained to be in top physical condition so as to endure, succeed and survive in their missions.  Recruits must go through one of the most physically demanding courses ever created to condition and test the potential seal.

Overview: This workout is broken down into 5 categories.
1)Warm-up and stretch
2)Pull exercises
3)Push exercises

Note: Between sets of all exercises, shake out the muscles groups being worked. This increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles. Use slow and controlled motion on all exercises to avoid injury. Form is key.

Warm-up and Stretch
1)Jumping jacks: 25-4 count (do not slap your sides)
2)Half jumping jacks: 25-4 count.
3)Windmills (first rep slow stretch), 10-4 count
4)Windmills (2 count) 15-2 count
5)Trunk side stretch 10-3 count

Pull Exercises
Note: 30 second rest between sets.
1)Close grip pull ups: 3
2)Wide grip pull ups : 3
3)Close grip chin up (same as close grip, just reverse grip): 3
4)Behind the neck pull up: 3
5)Regular grip pull ups: 3
6)Close grip pull ups: 3

Push Exercises
Note: 1 minute rest in between sets. Use slow controlled form.
1)Dips: 12
2)Dips: 12
3)Dips: 18
4)Regular Push ups: 10
5)Regular Push ups: 10
6)Tricep Push ups: 7
7)Tricep Push ups: 10
8)Regular Push ups: 10
9)Wide grip push ups: 10
10) Regular push ups: 10
11) Triceps Push ups: 10
12) Dive Bombers: 7

1)Regular sit ups: 50
2)Cross arm sit ups (arms across chest): 50
3)Flutter Kicks: 30-4 count
4)Half sit ups(hands on waist): 15
5)Cruncher sit ups: 25
6)Lizard stretch: 2 @ 15 seconds each
7)Atomic sit ups: 40
8)Good morning darlings: 40
9)Neck rotations (right): 50
10) Neck rotations (left): 50
11) Neck lifts: 100

1) Lunges: 20-3 count
2) Squats: 50-4 count
3) Charlie Chaplins: 30
4) Charlie Chaplins (pigeon towed): 30
5) Charlie Chaplins: 30
6) Squats: 50

Notes: This routine should be done twice a week in conjunction with a running and swimming program

Lee Haney Mr Olympia Workout

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8 Time Mr Olympia Lee Haney's Mr Olympia Workout.

One of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Lee Haney was the first man to win eight Mr. Olympia titles -- and he won them consecutively, beating Arnold Schwarzenneger's seven-title record.

This gem of bodybuilding philosophy is a must see! Lee Haney trancends any preconceived notions you may have about bodybuilding or even about life in general.

regardless of whether or not you bodybuild, this video is highly entertaining. Lee Haney is a character, his energy and exuberance will motivate you to do whatever your goals may be. Lee's knowledge is universal, he may be describing the proper technique for doing squats and it will sound like he's counseling you about just about anything. "the mind has got to connect with the muscle, 'cause one without the other equals zero!" this quote stands out in my memory and exemplifies Lee's insight into life in general, because in any activity it is important to stay conscious.

Exercises for Men Upper Body Workout

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Exercise for Men Only Magazine - Primetime Fitness Upper Body Workout for Men

Exercise for Men Only Magazine - Barry Scott and Jess Patrick present Primetime Fitness Upper Body Workout for Men.
This Upper Body Workout will include the Six Major Muscle Groups..

Chest  - Chest workout for men: Exercises - Flat bench barbell press, flat bench flyes, incline dumbell press.

Back - Back workout for men: Exercises - Bent over lateral raise, One armed dumbell row, upright barbell rows.

Biceps - Biceps workout for men: Exercises - Concentration dumbbell curls, standing barbell curl, seated one arm dumbbell curl.

Traps - Traps workout for men: Exercises - Barbell Shrugs, dumbbell Shrugs.

Shoulders - Shoulders workout for men: Exercises - standing military press, side lateral raise, upright dumbbell raise.

Triceps - Triceps workout for men: Exercises - close grip barbell bench press, lying tricep extension, pyramid technique, seated tricep dips.

two day program
day 1 workout (suggested order) 1.chest 2.shoulders 3.triceps
day 2 workout 1.back 2.biceps 3.traps

three day program
day 1 workout (suggested order) 1.chest 2.biceps
day 2 workout 1.shoulders 2.triceps
day 3 workout 1.back 2.traps

five day program
day 1 workout (suggested order) 1.chest 2.biceps
day 2 workout 1.shoulders 2.triceps
day 3 workout 1.back 2.traps
day 4 workout 1.chest
day 5 workout 1.back

Include cardio workout
It is suggested that you incorporate a cardio program along with your weight lifting program.
You need a strong cardiovascular system in order to maintain a strong muscled body. On alternating days from your weight workout, try running 1-2 miles on a treadmill or outside.  Be sure to have a good pair of running shoes and remember to stretch before you run.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pumping Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger

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This bodybuilding documentary from 1977 charts a 28 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempt to be hailed Mr Olympia for an incredible sixth time. A big box-office success, PUMPING IRON inspired scores of men (and women) to look at their own bodies and in some way emulate Arnold's incredible physique and the determination and committment it requires to maintain it. The movie also, in no small part, was the spring-board that launched him into a hugely successful career in acting. Also featuring TV's original INCREDIBLE HULK star Lou Ferrigno.

From Gold's Gym in Venice Beach California to the showdown in Pretoria, amateur and professional bodybuilders prepare for the 1975 Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contests in this part-scripted, part-documentary film. Five-time champion Arnold Schwarzenegger defends his Mr. Olympia title against Serge Nubret and the shy young deaf Lou Ferrigno, whose father is his coach; the ruthless champ psyches out the young lion. Sardinian Franco Columbu competes in the lightweight class; at home in Italy he solves a tight parking problem by lifting the car into place. Joe Weider is the marketer; Mike Katz and Ken Waller go for the title of Mr. Universe. Bodybuilding and a celebrity-to-be go mainstream

Pumping for Gold Bodybuilding Documentary

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Pumping for Gold Old School Bodybuilding Documentary

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Flex Wheeler Mass Construction

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Mass Construction! Shot just 2 days after the 1996 Mr. Olympia, this is the Flex Wheeler you've always wanted to see--huge, ripped, and stronger than hell! With the contest over, Flex loaded up on his favorite training foods (pizza and cheeseburgers) and hit the gym looking round, pumped and super vascular. At 250 pounds of full, rock solid muscle, Flex takes you through three days of gut busting training with eye-popping intensity and sickeningly heavy weights.

His homeboy from Fresno, Mr. California Ron Flowers, Flex's younger brother Robert Gibbs, and top national competitor Danny Hester, help Flex push it to the limit with lifts like 405-lb incline presses, and 160-lb dumbbell rows. If you think Flex is amazing onstage, you'll freak out when you see this awesome physique in training action.Flex achieves pumps that are literally out of this world, and he will inspire you to be your best. The hardest part of watching this video will be trying to wait 'til it's over to run to the gym and bust out some serious lifting!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Rebuild

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paul and carole graham present...

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world's most famous bodybuilder, retired after winning the Olmpia title six times. This film is about his return to bodybuilding competition after achieving stardom as a film actor.

Arnie bowed out of the world of professional bodybuilding in 1975 very much on a high. During his decade of dominance (including 6 Mr Olympia titles) he had re-invented the sport and inspired a new generation of elite athletes to compete in his wake. After his famous 6th title, where he was victorious over "the new kid on the block", Lou Ferrigno (who later went on to play the Incredible Hulk), Arnie embarked upon his hugely successful acting career. Arnie and pro competition shook hands and parted company. The new breed of hungry bodybuilders led by Frank Zane eagerly took over and stepped up to the new standard set by Schwarzenegger.
5 (five) years later, Arnie had a crazy idea: "what if I compete in one more Mr Olympia? I know that the likes of Zane (currently 3 time Mr Olympia), Mentzer and Platz have been training for the past year for this competition and I have [looks at calendar] 2 months? What the hell - I like challenges!"

So as you can guess, the film charts Arnie's meteoric achievement of winning his unprecedented 7th crown. The film is truly inspiring and unexpectedly poignant in places: the bodybuilder who has won more than any titles than any other admits to feeling exposed and nervous on stage. However, the true value of this film is in its inspirational undertones. I'm not going to attempt to capture the essence of the film in an elegantly crafted sentence or two. Instead, ill advise you all to watch this film, and ill get myself down to the gym!

Dennis James Back to Basics 2

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BACK TO BASICS 2 - Dennis James -  Road to the Olympia

4 days 15 workouts 1 days rest - the life of a professional bodybuilder - Maximum Intensity special exercises - Mr Olympia 2004 the show begins

Experience true Hardcore Bodybuilding! See Dennis James at 272 lbs 2 1/2 weeks out of the Mr. Olympia 2004 in his freakiest condition ever. A real shocker. You got to sit down and fasten your seat belt to get through this DVD! 165 minutes hardcore training at Gold's Gym/Venice Beach, nutrition info, backstage at the Olympia, pump-up room, photoshooting... A MUST SEE for every serious bodybuilder and strength athlete!

Workout 1 - CHEST

* Incline Press Hammer Machine
* Incline Press Smith Machine
* Incline Lockouts Smith Machine
* Decline Press, Hammer Machine
* Flyes Machine

Workout 2 - BICEPS

* Scott Curl Machine
* Dumbbell Curl
* EZ-Barbell Curl

Workout 3 - QUADS

* Leg Extension
* Superset (S-Set) Leg Press + Walking Lunges
* Reverse Hack Squats
* S-Set Front Squat Mach. + Hack Squat Mach.
* Leg Press
* Leg Extension


* Seated Leg Curl
* Good Mornings Hack Squat Machine
* Lying Leg Curl
* Standing Single Leg Curl
* Seated Calf Raise

Workout 5 - BACK

* Dumbbell Rows
* Reverse Pulldown, Hammer Machine
* Seated Rows, Machine
* Dumbbell One Arm Rear Lateral
* Seated Cable Rows, V-Grip

Workout 6 - SHOULDERS

* Dumbbbell Side Lateral
* Front Press, Smith Machine
* Front Press Lockouts, Smith Machine
* Upright Rows, Barbell
* Shoulder Press, Hammer Machine

Workout 7 - TRICEPS

* Cable Pushdown
* EZ-Barbell Extension
* One-Arm Cable Pushdown


* Diet & Nutrition
* Team Dennis
* Mr. Olympia 2004