Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Rebuild

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world's most famous bodybuilder, retired after winning the Olmpia title six times. This film is about his return to bodybuilding competition after achieving stardom as a film actor.

Arnie bowed out of the world of professional bodybuilding in 1975 very much on a high. During his decade of dominance (including 6 Mr Olympia titles) he had re-invented the sport and inspired a new generation of elite athletes to compete in his wake. After his famous 6th title, where he was victorious over "the new kid on the block", Lou Ferrigno (who later went on to play the Incredible Hulk), Arnie embarked upon his hugely successful acting career. Arnie and pro competition shook hands and parted company. The new breed of hungry bodybuilders led by Frank Zane eagerly took over and stepped up to the new standard set by Schwarzenegger.
5 (five) years later, Arnie had a crazy idea: "what if I compete in one more Mr Olympia? I know that the likes of Zane (currently 3 time Mr Olympia), Mentzer and Platz have been training for the past year for this competition and I have [looks at calendar] 2 months? What the hell - I like challenges!"

So as you can guess, the film charts Arnie's meteoric achievement of winning his unprecedented 7th crown. The film is truly inspiring and unexpectedly poignant in places: the bodybuilder who has won more than any titles than any other admits to feeling exposed and nervous on stage. However, the true value of this film is in its inspirational undertones. I'm not going to attempt to capture the essence of the film in an elegantly crafted sentence or two. Instead, ill advise you all to watch this film, and ill get myself down to the gym!


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