Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Chris Comfort Push Up Workout part 2

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Chris Comfort's Push Up Workout Part 2
Ford Model and Personal Trainer Chris Comfort Shares his Fitness Knowledge - Push Ups Workout Video for Men part 2 of 2

These are the more exotic push ups, spice up your workout a little and have fun with them.

The Perfect PushUp Push up handles help you with the natural internal rotation of the chest (the pec muscles) as you do the movement.
Weighted Pushup - Classic push up with a weight plate added to his back.
Swiss Ball Incline Push Up - Two feet on swiss ball then alternate feet, one foot swiss ball Incline push up.
Two Swiss Ball Push Up - A very tricky push up exercise, tough on the wrists.. one hand on each swiss ball feet up on bench!!
The Medicine Ball Cardio Blast Push Up Routine - One hand on the Medicine ball, the other on the mat, then explosive push so that your body pivots to the other side, so that the opposite hand is on the ball.
Renegade Row - Using power blocks, go into the push up, as you come back up row with one arm, put that down and balanced then row with the other arm.
Ab Dolly pendulum swing push up - Using stable handles, feet up on the Ab Dolly, swinging whole of lower body fishtailing back and forth as you do the push up.

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