Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Chris Comfort Push Up Workout part 1

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Chris Comfort's Push Up Workout Part 1
Ford Model and Personal Trainer Chris Comfort Shares his Fitness Knowledge - Push Ups Workout Video for Men part 1 of 2

Working Out with Push Up Bars, push up bars tend to keep the wrists in a more safe alignment, push up bars also give you a deeper push up, more variability and stability which strengthens the hands and wrists.

Regular Push Ups - Chris demonstrates a slower version of the regular push up for maximum muscle building,
Plyometric Push Ups - A 1 1/2 push up with a plyometrics pop, a great exercise for explosive power.
Triceps Push Up - An intense close grip push up for the triceps muscles, also great for the upper chest and shoulders.
Dive Over Push Up - A very intense exercise for the shoulders deltoid muscles, triceps and chest, works the pecs from a different angle.

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